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Why Us?

A selection of the many testimonials from our valued clients. We are very proud of the positive feedback from our esteemed customers.

I have found the care and treatment at Herbs Kingdom to be remarkable. I have visited a lot of acupuncturists over the years, but Dr Wu at Herbs Kingdom has been the most help of all. It is a wonderful treatment centre and I am very happy to share my endorsement with all.

(LG) | September 2014

Dr Wu has helped us through his meticulous and caring approach where the health service has been unable to deal with our problems. His skills both with herbal treatments and acupuncture / massage are to be commended.

(CA and EB). | September 2014

I have been seeing Wu Di for numerous different ailments since I moved to Hove, in particular my tennis elbow which was causing me pain for nearly a year and is now virtually gone after only a few treatments. Wu Di is very caring, professional and has huge expertise. Thank you Wu Di!

(MH) | August 2014

I have seen Wu Di for many things over a number of years, and have always been cured without the use of drugs (just natural herbs). Although not the quick fix that Western Medicine is, it does take more time, but the results are better, ie the cause is cured, not just the symptoms. The latest saga was a hurt knee from skiing (splits a ten year old would be proud of) Was very sore and in a knee brace when I first saw Wu Di and nearly skipped out after the first round of acupuncture. I have seen him once a week, then once a fortnight, and last Sunday managed to run for an hour, and now been given the all clear, and can’t recommend Wu Di highly enough! Thanks Wu Di your great!

(AS) | August 2014

Excellent… don’t waste your time going to your GP and head straight to this Chinese Medicine Clinic!

(LB) | August 2014

Wu Di is absolutely excellent! Helped me through a very stressful time and back to full health. The acupuncture is suprisingly relaxing. Highly recommend.

(LW) | July 2014

A must for me now and again to restore some balance and reenergise. Would definitely recommend.

(SM) | June 2014

Really helps with all those things western medicine can’t seem to sort out and naturally.

(JL) | June 2014

I took my daughter to Herbs Kingdom. She was born with an ear infection, and went on to have an ear infection every 6-8 weeks. At 4 years I took her to Herbs Kingdom and she was treated with herbs for a couple of weeks. The ear infections stopped instantly, and she has never had another ear infection. She is now 16.
Wu Di has also treated me for numerous ailments over the years I have been seeing him. I would always choose him before my GP. Thanks Wu Di.

(SS) | May 2014

Herbs Kingdom is a very friendly and professional clinic. I have been treated by Wu Di over a number of years. He has helped me through panic attacks, chronic fatigue and a nervous breakdown. I am now able to function normally. He is a caring man and an excellent herbalist and acupuncturist. I would highly recommend him.

(JW) | April 2014

Best pain treatment you can get!! Very good!!

(LS) | March 2014