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Acupuncture in Brighton & Hove

Acupuncture in Brighton & Hove is part of the whole healthcare system rooted in Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine theories. Chinese have a few thousand years’ history of using acupuncture to treat illness and maintain good health. It is believed in Chinese medicine theory that vital energy (Qi) is fundamental in human health and Qi supports our body and maintains our health through meridian system. A free flow of healthy qi is the basis of good health. We feel ill when the body is invaded by unhealthy qi or if the qi is in disharmony (stagnant, deficient, rebellious, etc.). Acupuncture is a treatment of which practitioners use sterilized needles to stimulate certain sensitive part along the energy meridians (acupuncture points) in order to regulate the quality and movement of qi.

Acupuncture has been practiced in China for thousands of years. It is used for treating wide ranges of disorders, including:

• Acupuncture in Brighton & Hove for muscular-skeletal disorders: lower back pain (including sciatica), tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, pain in knees and hips, sports injury, etc.
• Acupuncture for emotional or nervous system disorders: anxiety, stress, panic attack and insomnia
• Acupuncture for digestive system disorders: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), abdominal distension (bloating), abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and weight problems (including losing weight).
• Acupuncture in Hove for gynecological and obstetric disorders: Irregular period, painful period, premenstrual syndrome (PMT or PMS), morning sickness in pregnancy, bridge baby, delayed labour, etc.
• Acupuncture for neurological disorders: headache, migraine, vertigo, tinnitus, and facial paralysis
• Acupuncture for male and female fertility issues
• Acupuncture in Hove for addictions: smoking, alcohol, drugs, or even Chocolate!

Herbs Kingdom Clinic, established in 1998, has become one of the major providers of acupuncture treatment in Brighton, Hove, and whole Sussex area. All practitioners are members of British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) or Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (ATCM). 20 years of successful practice, there must be a reason.

The conditions which acupuncture can help:

Acupuncture is widely used in China and all over the world for treating wide range of
illnesses. Here are some examples people often use acupuncture for:

Musculoskeletaldisorders: Pain management may be among the most recognized
functions of acupuncture. Related conditions include arthritis, sciatica, frozen shoulder,
tennis elbows and general muscular pain due to “wear and tear”.

Menstrual and gynaecological disorders: conditions suitable to use acupuncture include
irregular period, painful period, pre-menstrual tension (PMT), malposition of foetus and
support of labour.

Fertility related disorders: please book a consultation to discuss your individual issues.
Gastro-intestinal disorders: many digestive disorders can respond well to acupuncture
treatment, such indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloatedness, constipation,
haemorrhoid, and obesity.

Emotional issues: acupuncture is an excellent method to help patients with general
stress, anxiety, panic attack, depression and insomnia.

Addiction related issues: acupuncture can be a useful tool to help patients fighting
against addictions, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Neurological disorders: many neurological disorders can be helped with acupuncture.
These include general headache, migraine, after effect of stroke, etc.

Allergic conditions: acupuncture is widely used to alleviate allergic conditions, such as
asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, etc.

Skin conditions: acupuncture is useful to help treatment of skin disorders, although
Chinese herbal medicine is often used for these conditions.

Other illness: There are many other conditions which can be benefitted from
acupuncture treatment. These conditions sometimes may not be identified in the same
categories termed in western medicine. Please book a consultation to discuss your
individual conditions.

General wellbeing: This is a big area which acupuncture can contribute significantly but
often overlooked by western medicine. Always remember, the best treatment is

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